The quality of our products forms a strong bond between our customers and our company. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers - according to the motto: "The customer should come back to us, not the product". We see it as our task to continuously improve our products so that we meet the demands and expectations of our customers to their complete satisfaction. To ensure this, all locations of the Hans Freitag Group work according to the values of our cross-plant food safety culture. Through regular training and internal audits, we ensure that all members of our cookie teams act responsible with the delicious food we produce for our customers every day. We are committed to producing safe, high quality products and only placing products on the market that pose no risk to consumers. For many years, we have therefore been audited by the external inspection body International Featured Standards (IFS) - and even at the so-called "higher level", which we are particularly proud of and feel confirmed in our efforts to produce safe goods.

We are delighted to have been awarded the prize for longstanding product quality by the DLG Test Centre for the 12th time in 2023.

DLG Certificate Hans Freitag

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Quality Management Team