Bakery history  

in Verden

For three generations, we have been spoiling people with our biscuit and wafer creations. It all started in Verden an der Aller in the Grüne Straße. The young Hans Freitag founded a bakery on 12 August 1946. After just two years, Hans Freitag employed 30 people. The big leap came in 1949 with the purchase of a steel belt oven. Since then, the company has concentrated exclusively on the production of delicious biscuits and wafers.

Hans Freitag sen.


Founding of the Freitag bakery and confectionery in Grüner Straße in Verden.


Ground-breaking construction of the Verden biscuit and wafer factory Hans Freitag in the industrial estate at Siemensstraße 11.


After the early death of our founder, his widow Anita Freitag takes over the management of the company. 

Shortly afterwards, Hans Freitag Junior decides to finish his school career and actively support his mother. He first learns the art of a confectioner and completes a commercial apprenticeship. From then on, mother and son work successfully together.


Hans Freitag Junior takes over the management of the company. In the following decades, Hans Freitag, the second generation, significantly expands the company and internationalizes the business. The export share remains constant at around 30 %.


Anita Freitag-Meyer, née Freitag, becomes managing partner alongside her father in 1993.

The decision to grow as a private label producer with national and international customers proves to be a sustainable strategy with which the company grows strongly, especially in the early 1990s. German reunification gives the company a big boost and employs 340 people. Investments in equipment that can cope with the rapid growth, entrepreneurial courage and a bit of luck in making the right decisions at the right time characterize the time of Hans Freitag jun. 

His wife Astrid Freitag is responsible for production planning, is the good soul of the company and the best advisor in all the groundbreaking decisions of these important years.

Co-partner Renate Pade, née Freitag, actively supported the company's international sales until her retirement at the beginning of the 1990s.


In October of that year, Hans Freitag dies and with him we lose our charismatic and visionary leader. 

Anita Freitag-Meyer becomes the sole owner.


Takeover of the Schneverdingen site from the Bahlsen Group and change of name to today's Heidekeks GmbH.

History of the site

  • 1933 Foundation of Norddeutsche Nahrungsmittelwerke GmbH
  • 1937 Renaming to Maack und Horstmann company
  • 1948 Change of company name to Gottena (Gott Emil Nahrungsmittelwerke)
  • 1995 Sale of the company to Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG 
  • 1998 Gottena becomes an independent subsidiary within the Bahlsen Group
  • 2010 Foundation of Bisquiva GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2019 Sale of the site to Heidekeks GmbH (Hans Freitag Group)


Max Meyer, son of our owner, joins the company and, as an authorized signatory, is responsible for purchasing at both locations of the Hans Freitag Group.


Anna Meyer joins the company. Together with her brother, she represents the fourth generation of the family business and successfully helps to shape our sales.

Standort Verden Luftaufnahme


Location Verden

Year of foundation1946
Company premises50.000 m²
Production area27.000 m²
Number of employeesapprox. 330
Production capacity  up to 130 t per day


IFS-certified, Rainforest Alliance-certified, Fairtrade-certified, RSPO-certified, Organic-certified, Bioland-certified

Standort Schneverdingen Luftaufnahme


Location Schneverdingen

Year of foundation1933
Company site46.000 m²
Production area20.500 m²
Number of employeesapprox. 160
Production capacity  up to 120 t per day



IFS certified, Rainforest Alliance certified, Fairtrade certified, RSPO certified 
in planning: EU organic certification and Bioland certification