Boundless variety 

for your product idea!

Creativity and closeness to trends are the main drivers of our product development. The needs of our customers are always in the foreground. Whether moisture-resistant micro biscuits or razor-sharp molded biscuits, we make it possible. We will be happy to support you in the development of your product idea and make suggestions to create the perfect product for your application. Let us inspire you with our portfolio on the following pages and surprise you with our various application examples!


Our crushed biscuits are ideal for enhancing your filling for confectionery, chocolates and bars. How about speculoos crunch for your Christmas edition or cocoa biscuits for your chocolate ice cream? Our biscuit granules know no bounds.

Our selection of crushed biscuits:

As an ingredient in your muesli or yoghurt - our micro biscuits are a crunchy enrichment for any milk-based application. Classics such as the butter biscuit in micro format or seasonal flavors offer you the maximum choice of options for your product innovation!

Our selection of micro biscuits:

A unicorn-shaped biscuit for your licensed product or footballs for your promotional idea, the choice of individual motifs is inexhaustible. We have a large repertoire of mold rollers from which you can choose your motif. Customized designs are also possible.

Our selection of mini biscuits:

Organic, vegan, colorful, chocolate or filled, choose the best possible solution for your needs from our now 75 years of baking expertise. Our different packaging offers you processing-friendly options.

Packaging solution for 

Industrial products

For optimal further processing, we pack our industrial products in handy cardboard boxes or in Big Bags.